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Isn't the whole point of the market place that the traditional booker is squeezed out of the deals?
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Re: Bookers

Postby dustremover » Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:59 pm

The point of the market place is to provide a facility which enables participants to offer, negotiate and strike deals.

As participant, any one who is eligible is welcome to use the market place. Not eligible are those who are not legally capable, for instance minors. As such, participants can have any profile: artists, promoters and any one who is in between (bookers, agents, managers etc.).

It is the user of the market place who decides what his specific motive is for using it. The motives can significantly vary, case by case. In some case, the motive for someone to participate may be to just get the additional deal or date which through other means he or she might not be able to get. In other case, the motive may be "cut the middle man".

What's important here in our opinion is not: Whose interest is hodegos trying to harm?, but: What can I get out of it in my interest? And the answer is: Everyone can get his merits out of hodegos. The intermediaries (bookers, agents, managers etc.) have the opportunity to achieve deals which otherwise could not be made and to improve the terms and conditions of such deals. Precisely: The intermediaries can seize additional opportunities which are uniquely available at hodegos. The terms and conditions which are in traditional markets often intransparent and unjust will level.

An intermediary will always have to justify his involvement through value which he adds. hodegos changes nothing about this fundamental business principle.
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